Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coraline's Second Month

Coraline is already two months old, and I'm really missing the sweetness of her newborn snuggles! She definitely still snuggles with us, especially with me when she is cluster feeding at night, but she is getting so big so soon!

We had another great month with her! Her outings included the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, the Louisville Zoo, Independence Day celebrations, trips to the grocery store, the library, church, and various cookouts. She stayed home with Daddy and Eliana for almost two hours without me when I went to a meeting for work.

At her two month check up, she weighed in at 11 pounds 15.5 ounces. The scale kept going back and forth between 12 pounds and 11 pounds 15.5 ounces, but it finally settled on the latter number. She was also 22.75 inches in height and her head was 16 inches (insert wide-eyed shocked face emoji here). These measurements put her in about the 80th percentile for weight, the 60th for height, and of course the 97th for head size. I looked back at Eliana's measurements from her two month (which was actually closer to 10 weeks because of the schedule getting thrown off with her NICU stay), and she was 11 pounds 15 ounces and 23.5 inches long- so the girls are pretty similar so far.

Coraline is such a social baby! She does not like being left alone (unless she's sleeping) and just absolutely lights up when people make eye contact and talk with her. She's very vocal as well and her coos just melt my heart! I've heard a few little giggles from her, but no full-blown laughs yet. Like her sister at this age, she has several different distinct smiles, and we love each and every one of them!

She is still a great sleeper so far, although it was right after two months that Eliana stopped sleeping so well and became literally the world's worst sleeper. So I'm a bit nervous for that stage, as well as worried about how we are going to handle room sharing. But at this point, Cora takes a shorter morning nap in her crib, is up for lunch time, and then generally takes a long afternoon nap (either in her swing or her bassinet). She is up for a bit in the evening, generally takes a small cat nap in the evening while I cook dinner, and then cluster feeds until she retires between 11 pm and 12 am. She's slept as long as eight hours, but that is the rarity- it's typically between 4 and 6 hours before she wakes up to eat again and promptly falls back asleep for a few more hours.

She is starting to roll, and although she still isn't the biggest fan of tummy time, she definitely has great head control thus far. She is starting to do more push up-like motions during her tummy time, and she can hold her head up for a few minutes without setting it back down again. She also loves to bear weight on her legs! Eliana never was a big fan of that until she started actually pulling up on the furniture, but Cora loves to stand!

She still refuses all pacifiers and has not taken a bottle yet. We might need some help from Aunt Jen the NICU nurse to get her to accept the bottle- there will be a few times she will need to since I will be meetings with students beginning in August. Coraline has discovered her hands and sometimes will suck on them (not her thumb so far, hooray) or chew on her fingers. She's pretty drooly at times too, so I'm praying she's not already teething!

Eliana still loves her sister and is obsessed with giving her kisses and narrating all of Coraline's actions (including bodily functions) throughout the day. She still gets a little upset if Daddy is holding Coraline, but she is okay with everyone else giving Cora attention (for the time being).

Next month we are looking forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop (although she is growing like a weed and I keep telling her to slow down), a visit from Mor Mor and Mor Far, and maybe some more outings (although Mama is starting to get a little stressed about the semester starting).

Here are a few more photos from Cora's second month:

Oh my heart!

Coraline for President.

All of her length is in her torso!

Finally getting a non-sponge bath...

Enlightening conversation with Aunt Jen.

Priceless expression!

Tired of the photo shoot...

A little unsure of her froggy towel!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coraline's First Month

Coraline's first month of life 'on the outside' has gone by so ridiculously fast.  'The days are long (read: sometimes very loooooooooooooong), but the years are short' only seems to be amplified all the more with the second kiddo (and I imagine even more so with all the other kiddos after that). I truly feel terrible because although we have continued the tradition of weekly photographs on the white sheet, I know I'm not taking as many pictures as I did with Eliana. And truth be told, a good chunk of all the photos of Coraline's first month include her big sister in them since Eliana simply loves taking 'a picture'. I'm trying to be more mindful of capturing as many memories as possible without missing out on making memories because I'm too focused on taking the picture. It's a fine balance for sure!

We've had a great first month with Coraline! We went to her one month check up today; we hadn't needed to get a weight check at two weeks since five days after birth she was only two ounces shy of her birth weight. At one month, she weighs in at a whopping 10 pounds 9 ounces, which puts her in the 80 percentile for weight. She also grew 1.25 inches and is now at 21 inches (40% percentile). Yes, apparently her birth measurement is much different! At birth, they stretch out a tape measure and measure all the way to their toes- so it's really a length measurement. At the pediatrician's office, they lay the baby on a mat and stretch out their legs and measure to the heel so it's more of a height measurement. Basically, Coraline has some long toes! At any rate, she's pretty much the opposite of her sister right now- higher percentile in weight and lower in height. But they both have big noggins, and Coraline's is in the 99% percentile right now.

Coraline has had quite a few outings- a lot more than what Eliana had at this age- but I guess that's typical when you're not the oldest kid. Besides the pediatrician, she's been to Target, grocery shopping, the library, the splash park, walks around the neighborhood, church, and probably several other little outings I'm forgetting. She also trekked out to Huber's for our annual strawberry picking and made a quick road trip to Frankfort (about 45 minutes away) to go to dinner with some of our community group. She's done very well traveling in her car seat; she was a mess on the way home from Huber's, but she was hungry and was in a much better mood when we got home and she was able to nurse.

Right around when Coraline turned four weeks, we really started noticing a huge difference in the amount of eye contact she makes, as well as her smiles. We would get glimpses of smiles every now and then before, but now if you talk to her and make eye contact she just absolutely lights up! She definitely doesn't get as much attention from us as Eliana did at this stage- poor thing- but her sister more than makes up for it with all the kisses and narration of Coraline's day. She is starting to track a bit better with her eyes.

Coraline does very well with sleep at night- she's in the rock 'n play next to our bed right now (I'm dreading figuring out how to handle room sharing), and of course she still sleeps a big chunk of the day away too. She doesn't really like to lay down at all during the day though. She absolutely loves sitting up and seeing the world. I'm embraced baby wearing the vast majority of the day- party because she seems to like it, and partly out of pure necessity. We aren't pushing tummy time too much because I do baby wear her a great deal and she still gets to take naps on our chests (um yes, we 'spoil' her); she has really great head control so far. 

In general, she takes a good long nap in the morning while I'm wearing her; Eliana and I are typically outside in the morning (playing in the little pool with our friends, playing with bubbles or a tub of water on the porch, walking around the neighborhood, or visiting the library, for example). Afternoon is a bit more spotty at this point. She really enjoys nursing to sleep (she hasn't taken a paci yet) and being held, and I don't mind obliging her in that for the most part. We've spent many an afternoon snuggling on the couch while I catch up on some reading or Netflix when Eliana is napping.

The hardest part has been Eliana's nap time and bedtime. While she is doing great with Coraline, it's obvious she is wanting some more individual time and attention from both Mommy and Daddy. If I can't get Coraline to sleep before it's time to put Eliana down for her nap (or at bedtime), Coraline will just cry for as long as it takes me to get Eliana into bed. I feel bad for Coraline, who doesn't understand and is crying, but I also really feel bed for Eliana, who is being patient with her little sister but just wants to sit with me and snuggle before bed.

I've discovered that two is no joke, but am very thankful for not only a supportive husband but also amazing friends who have helped us through this transition and will continue to one our village as we seek to parent our girls well. Here are a few more miscellaneous photos from her first month (I'm still working on uploading the others to our shutterfly site):

Hello, world!

Practicing her pouty face while she sleeps.


Eliana loves-LOVES- giving Coraline kisses.

At her very first pediatrician appointment, furrowing her brow just like her big sis did.

I love baby yawns!

About 48 seconds prior to falling asleep...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coraline Ruth: A Birth Story

Coraline Ruth joined our family on Wednesday, May 13th at 2:33 pm. Here is the story of her birth:

Our precious Coraline was due on Saturday, May 9th. For the vast majority of my pregnancy, I had no reason to assume she would arrive early and had no desire for her to make her appearance before her due date either. However, as the time drew nearer, I was becoming more and more uncomfortable- much more uncomfortable than I remember being with Eliana; it's a lot harder to be pregnant when you are taking care of a toddler all day long. So when my freakishly intuitive mother said she felt she needed to drive up from Florida on May 1st instead of the following week like she first planned, I began to hope that maybe Coraline would actually arrive early.

Of course, this was not to be the case. I was hopeful every day she would decide to make her grand appearance, but each and every day came and went without so much of an inkling of when she would decide to join us. When it was clear she was not going to arrive early, I prayed fervently she would be one of the five percent of babies born on their actual due date. And when her due date was drawing to a close, I prayed fervently she would join us on Mother's Day (the day after her due date). And when Mother's Day was over, I just prayed fervently that she would come at all.

Like I did with Eliana, I had refrained from cervical checks until I was past 40 weeks. And just like with Eliana, my appointment with my midwife was at 40+2 when I asked for the cervical exam. My midwife Alison checked and told me that while I was 80% effaced, she really considered it fully effaced because this was not my first baby. She also informed me that I was 4-5 centimeters dilated, told me it could be that night or tomorrow or a few more days, and asked me if I wanted her to strip my membranes. I had walked into the appointment fully planning on having them stripped, but I chickened out at the last minute. It's rather ironic I wasn't afraid of delivering a baby naturally without pain medication, but I was terrified of getting my membranes stripped.

Upon the news that I was basically fully effaced and dilated quite a bit already, I began to hope our newest addition would come sooner- much sooner- rather than later. We hoped that by the next day- Tuesday, the 12th- at the latest, we would be holding our baby girl in our arms.

And then nothing happened... and nothing continued to happen. I sobbed for a good hour on Tuesday morning when, yet again, there was absolutely no sign of labor beginning any time soon. I kept saying how I was so ready to be done, how I didn't remember being this uncomfortable and ready to be done when I was pregnant with Eliana, how I was just so tired of being pregnant. I called my midwife's office and made an appointment to strip my membranes the next day. I told myself I wasn't going to chicken out this time.

On Wednesday, May 13th I woke up about 3:30 (about 6 hours before my appointment to strip my membranes) to a contraction. It wasn't the holy-heavens-this-freaking-hurts-like-the-dickens contraction, but it definitely wasn't Braxton Hicks either. I had a few more contractions, and I got up to use the bathroom about 4:00. I walked into the bathroom and almost shouted 'Hallelujah!' when I felt my waters begin to leak. I went back to bed and timed a few contractions and tried to get some rest. Isaac woke up and asked me what was going on, and I responded with, "I'm finally having some contractions." About 5:30, we just decided to get up and take showers, even though the contractions were not regular or intense by any means. Mom heard us moving about and she asked if something was happening, and I told, "Yes, finally." She went ahead and took a shower, knowing that while labor could take a very long time, I could also go incredibly fast as well, as I had with Eliana. I texted my amazing doula Angela (our empowered birth class instructor) to let her know what has happening.

A little bit later Mom asked if my bestie Jen (known as Aunt Jen to Eliana) was working that day; Mom had decided she wanted to come to the hospital with us as well if it was possible. I knew Jen was off that day, and Mom called her (and of course woke her up) and asked her if she wouldn't mind hanging out with Eliana that day. Eliana got up a little bit after 7:00, Jen arrived fairly shortly after that, and my labor all but stopped.


I mean, I never really felt that my labor got started. I had maybe one painful contraction, but the rest were easy, and they were still very irregular. My waters continued to leak, but I hadn't felt any contractions in a while. Mom and I went for a walk, hoping that would kick my labor into high gear, as it did with Eliana. After our first walk, we came back and expected something to develop in twenty minutes or so. Nope- nada, nothing. So a while later, we went on another walk and focused on trudging up and down as many hills as possible, since I seemed to get a few contractions while managing the hills. When we returned, we thought surely the second walk would get things going, but again nothing developed.

I texted Angela and expressed my frustrations. She explained that many times, mothers with children don't labor until their child or children are asleep. I guess it's some weird maternal instinct that won't let you labor because you already have a kid to take care of. She suggested we just go about our day as usual and expect something to happen later that evening after Eliana was tucked into bed. I quipped that we should go to Target since I didn't have the opportunity to walk around Target in early labor with Eliana. Apparently, that's what everyone does in early labor- walk around Target.

About 11:30, Jen announced she was going to take Eliana to the park since we were going to walk around Target. Literally less than ten minutes after Jen and Eliana left, my contractions kicked into high gear all of a sudden. I defaulted to what worked well in coping with contractions with Eliana- leaning over the birth ball and focusing on my breathing. Mom began timing the contractions and after seeing how I was not able to converse during the contractions now, suggested going to Target might not be a good idea after all. Less than an hour later, Isaac asked how far apart the contractions were. He was determined not to wait as long to go to the hospital as we had with Eliana. Mom announced the contractions were about eight minutes apart, lasting for 45 seconds to about a minute. Isaac said he thought we should go ahead and go, Mom agreed, and I didn't care what we did because the next contraction was coming. Even though most providers would say not to leave for the hospital until contractions were about four minutes apart, we were concerned that my labor would progress as rapidly as it did with Eliana and I would end up giving birth on the bridge over the Ohio River. So we texted Angela and told her we were leaving and walked out the door when the contractions were still eight minutes apart.

By the time we arrived at the hospital (less than a ten minute drive), the contractions were only 2-3 minutes apart. It seemed that again, once my labor really got started, it wasted absolutely no time. We checked in through the ER (now standard practice at our hospital apparently after a mother gave birth in the lobby while trying to check in through registration) at 12:46 pm, and when the person in registration said she would get me a wheelchair, I declared I wanted to walk. So we walked to the elevator to Labor and Delivery, and even though Mom said the contractions were coming very quickly, I remember them not hurting as much as it did with Eliana for some reason.

When we got to Labor and Delivery, I stopped at the desk as we were checking in to breathe through a contraction. The nurse just smiled at me as I finally looked up and said, "Hello, we're in labor." I was greeted by my nurse Jenn, who looked at me and asked if we should go to triage first. When I told her, "Well, I was fully effaced and at a 4-5 on Monday," she just turned right around and said, "Yeah, we'll go straight to a room." Again, I was able to get a room with a tub (and in fact, we realized later, it was the same room in which Eliana was born). After I changed into the hospital gown, Jenn hooked me up to the telemetry monitor so I would be able to move around while I labored. She then performed a cervical check and said that while I was only dilated to 6-7 centimeters, she could easily stretch me to a ten. Apparently at this point Isaac texted Angela and informed her of what Jenn had said about the cervical check; Angela's response: "Oy vey! I'm on my way!"

Jenn continued to get me settled, including putting in my IV with a saline lock on it, and the lab technicians drew my blood as well. They did all these things in between contractions; I found the most comfortable position to be standing while I leaned over the bed as someone applied counter pressure on my lower back. I do remember getting on my hands and knees on the bed for one contraction when I couldn't get off the bed in time to stand. Mom would scratch my head during each contraction (oh my goodness, you should have seen my hair later that night- total 80s look because it was so tangled from Mom scratching my head), and Isaac would apply counter pressure on my lower back.

I asked my nurse to go ahead and set up the birthing bar since I was pretty sure I was going to use it again like I had when birthing Eliana. While she was setting it up, I was hit with another contraction; since I didn't have the bed to lean over, I lowered myself to the floor and leaned over the birthing ball; it wasn't as comfortable on my knees, but it got the job done. Angela arrived as I was leaning over the birthing ball; I'm not sure if I was still breathing calmly at that point or if I was starting to moan through the contractions.

Angela and Isaac began to trade off applying counter pressure to my lower back while Mom continued to scratch my head during each contraction as I leaned over the bed. In between each contraction, I tried to joke around and have small conversations; I think that was actually a coping mechanism for me as well, but apparently it seriously impressed all the nurses and staff who were there. After one contraction, I asked everyone to guess how big Coraline would be. While Mom and Isaac both had guesses somewhere in the eight-pound range, Angela quickly said "Nine pounds" right as another contraction was about to wash over me; I'm not sure if she saw my look of death but my "Thanks Angela" in a deadpan voice hopefully conveyed my feelings about her guess.

I still felt like the contractions were not as painful as with Eliana, but I was definitely beginning to feel pressure- more pressure than I remember feeling with Eliana. Jenn told me to just let her know when I felt like I needed to start pushing so she could call Beth, the midwife on call that day. I almost immediately told her I was starting to feel pressure, and Angela explained she should probably call Beth fairly soon because (as Angela phrased it), "This family does not wait to push out their babies."

I'm not sure when Angela started applying cool washcloths with some peppermint essential oils, because I didn't even have to ask her to do it (see, my friends, get yourself a doula and sometimes they just anticipate your needs), but I do remember the cooling sensation and the anticipation of the intense heat that comes just before giving birth. During each contraction, Angela was reminding my to drop my jaw and to let the sound go; I was moaning through each one now and trying my best to listen to Angela's wisdom and experience.

At that point Jenn and the other nurses and staff began to set up everything for the delivery. I had climbed into the bed and was squatting and leaning on the birthing bar and complaining of the pressure I was feeling, but I'm pretty sure I commented, "Oh no, they are setting things up already?" If I didn't say it, I thought it. While I was feeling a good amount of pressure, I wasn't ready to see that scene yet- it just makes everything seem so much more real and imminent!

Jenn squatted down in front of me and told me I could push if I wanted. I think I gave a half-hearted attempt at that point. I wasn't quite mentally prepared to push yet, but I remember looking at Jenn just calmly squatting in front of me, ready to catch my baby girl if she arrived before our midwife did! I stayed in that position for a few more minutes, not really pushing but feeling like I needed to get things rolling sooner rather than later. Our baby girl was ready and waiting to join us in the big, wide world!

Our friend and photographer Sarah arrived about the same time our midwife Beth did. Beth walked in right as I was hitting transition. I told her I was done, I was done, I was done. She calmly told me she knew and sat down in front of me. And for some reason, seeing Beth was extremely calming, even though I knew I still had a long way to go before I held Coraline in my arms. I might have said hi to Sarah, but at that point, I didn't really know or care who was in the room.

I started pushing- with a little more effort this time- but I told her I didn't feel like I was making any progress. "Well let me take a look," she said calmly and checked me to feel Coraline's position. It may sound odd, but when she did and told me, "Oh she's right there. She's right there, I can feel her right there," I was better able to tell that Coraline really was actually very close! I began pushing and for some reason, I thought the pushing itself hurt a bit more than it did with Eliana. I'm not sure if it was because Coraline was bigger or if I was just really in the zone with Eliana or if it was all a mental thing.

I continued to squat, but Beth suggested I scoot forward and sit on the bottom half of the bed (formed like a stair for the birthing bar) and lean back into the upper part of the bed, so that I was still receiving the benefits of gravity, but not having to actually squat. Lord bless that women for that suggestion because that position felt amazing, and all of a sudden, I was thinking "Yes. I can do this in this position. I can do this!"

I don't remember screaming when I pushed with Eliana, but I'm pretty sure I screamed while pushing this time. I vaguely remember hearing the sound of the shutter on Sarah's camera at this point, and while I may not have actually said hello when she arrived, I remember being so grateful she was there in time to capture our baby girl's birth. I continued to push as everyone in the room encouraged me through this beautiful- and most painful- part of life.

I began to feel that infamous 'ring of fire' as Coraline began to crown, and Beth told me to stop pushing so that she could turn the head and help get her shoulders out. I remember begrudgingly obliging because- let's face it, at that point you just want the baby out- even though I just wanted to push with every fiber of my being.

Once her shoulders were out, I did push with every fiber of my being. And as my own mama has said so many times, you go from incredible and indescribable pain to absolutely nothing when your child finally emerges. For the second time, I had pushed our darling girl into the big, wide world. Just like I had with Eliana, I fell back onto the bed and was reaching for my brand new baby girl within seconds of her being born. The nurses handed her to me right away, and I just kept saying, "Hi, baby girl," over and over to her. Coraline announced she had arrived with big strong cries; she sounded just like Eliana, but she definitely cried for quite a bit longer than her big sister.

I remember looking down at our newest addition and thinking that we had done it again. Jesus had used us to bring life- our precious baby girl- into the world. She arrived at 2:33 pm- after only five minutes of pushing (although it seemed like a lot longer to me), weighing in at 8 pounds and 15.4 ounces (Angela was pretty close with her 9-pound guess, after all) and looking exactly like her big sister did on the day she entered this world as well.

She breastfed within an hour after birth, and her Apgar scores were an 8 and a 9. Unlike her big sister, she didn't develop a fever in the hospital and did not require transport to the Children's Hospital or a week-long stay in the NICU. Forty-eight hours after her birth, she was able to come home to her family, including a big sister who absolutely adores her- as long as Daddy is not holding her, that is.

We pray the same prayer for our newest baby as we did for first baby:

Our precious Coraline Ruth, I pray that you would come to know the love of Jesus at a young age, that you would experience blessings in this life and be a blessing to others, and that through whatever difficulties you may face, you will grow closer to the Lord. I pray you will be quick to forgive, slow to anger, and will experience true love, joy, and laughter in your life. We love you, darling baby girl.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Coraline Ruth

May 13, 2015
2:33 pm
8 pounds 15 ounces and 23 inches

Birth story to come...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Brother or Little Sister...

I thought it would take forever for the anatomy scan (at 20 weeks), but this pregnancy has seemed to fly by in so many ways. Granted, I didn't feel that way when I was puking into the toilet, but having a toddler and working even part-time sure has made the time pass quicker!

We decided not to have a big gender reveal party this time around; it would just be too stressful with it being right before Christmas. I hope Bean doesn't feel as though we neglected him or her in this regard... but we did decide to try to do something fun for our parents. We lied to them and told them Bean didn't cooperate at the anatomy scan and that we would just have to be surprised at the birth since our practice doesn't do additional ultrasounds unless there is a medical reason (with Eliana, I was complete placenta previa at 20 weeks and needed another ultrasound at 28 weeks...but everything looked well with Bean, so in all likelihood, no additional ultrasounds will be ordered). My mom seemed really bummed and kept asking me to do the blood test that can check for gender.  I told her I would talk with our midwife about it at our next visit.

But Bean did, in fact, finally cooperate with us and showed us the goods at the ultrasound. I must say, it was kind of fun, finding out in that quiet little room with just Isaac (with Eliana, we didn't find out she was a girl until we cut into the cake at the gender reveal party- in front of a ton of family and friends). I think we were a little more weepy eyed this time around; with Eliana there were just too many people watching us to get too emotional.

We took a picture with Bean's new name and sent it to our parents wrapped up as a Christmas present.   So... this is what they saw when they unwrapped their presents:

Yes, Eliana is getting a LITTLE SISTER!!!!

We are so excited to welcome Coraline Ruth into our family. Ruth is Isaac's mom's middle name. We wanted to continue the tradition of giving family names as middle names (Eliana's middle name is Rae, after my mom's middle name).

Coming May, Lord willing, we will be a family of four- with two sweet little Daddy's girls!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Visit with 'Lanta' and Mrs. Claus

We're not big Santa people, as most of you know. We don't really do gifts from Santa, and we really try not to incorporate him into most of our Christmas celebrations.  We do, however, celebrate St. Nicholas Day; we want our kiddos to know the person behind what became known as Santa Claus.  We want them to know about Nicholas and Valentine and Patrick and other heroes of our faith.

But that doesn't mean we still don't have fun with the Santa magic. We can still enjoy the child-like wonder of Santa without placing too much emphasis on him and taking away from the birth of Jesus. So each year, we've taken Eliana to a local shopping area where they have a totally legit Santa Claus. You get to ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Santa (and more recently with Mrs. Claus); best of all- it's free and you don't have to buy outrageously priced picture packages.  In fact, they have a little elf there who takes photos for you with your own camera or phone. The only bummer is that you have to wait outside, and we generally pick the coldest day possible to wait in line... but the line goes quickly,  as your ride with Santa and Mrs. Claus is pretty short.  This year, there were even some Dickens-era carolers to entertain us for a bit:

And Eliana also convinced Daddy to purchase some hot cocoa to enjoy while waiting in line...

Eliana has not enjoyed visiting Santa the previous times we have taken her. But this year... oh my goodness. After we got into the carriage and took a picture, Eliana kept talking to Santa about his glasses. She didn't want to sit on his lap or anything, but she was quite happy to chat with him about those glasses of his for the entire carriage ride. When we had to get down, she had a meltdown and started crying, "Lanta! Lanta! Hold you, Lanta!" and kept trying to walk back to where the horse-drawn carriage was.  I'm not going to lie; Isaac and I were laughing so hard because it was such a different reaction from years past.


After her traumatic separation from 'Lanta', we went out to lunch at Chipotle, which seemed to cheer her spirits again.  She does, however, ask to 'See Lanta' on a fairly regular basis now...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eliana's (Big) Announcement

In case you missed the announcements on various other social media and didn't read all of the post about Eliana's two year pictures...

That's right, we are 'due with number two' as the people have been saying!  We are expecting a little brother or sister May 9, 2015. Of course, Eliana still doesn't have a clue what is going on, but we are hoping she will be just as excited about the new addition to our family as we are!  Of course, prayers are always much appreciated at this time...