Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Brother or Little Sister...

I thought it would take forever for the anatomy scan (at 20 weeks), but this pregnancy has seemed to fly by in so many ways. Granted, I didn't feel that way when I was puking into the toilet, but having a toddler and working even part-time sure has made the time pass quicker!

We decided not to have a big gender reveal party this time around; it would just be too stressful with it being right before Christmas. I hope Bean doesn't feel as though we neglected him or her in this regard... but we did decide to try to do something fun for our parents. We lied to them and told them Bean didn't cooperate at the anatomy scan and that we would just have to be surprised at the birth since our practice doesn't do additional ultrasounds unless there is a medical reason (with Eliana, I was complete placenta previa at 20 weeks and needed another ultrasound at 28 weeks...but everything looked well with Bean, so in all likelihood, no additional ultrasounds will be ordered). My mom seemed really bummed and kept asking me to do the blood test that can check for gender.  I told her I would talk with our midwife about it at our next visit.

But Bean did, in fact, finally cooperate with us and showed us the goods at the ultrasound. I must say, it was kind of fun, finding out in that quiet little room with just Isaac (with Eliana, we didn't find out she was a girl until we cut into the cake at the gender reveal party- in front of a ton of family and friends). I think we were a little more weepy eyed this time around; with Eliana there were just too many people watching us to get too emotional.

We took a picture with Bean's new name and sent it to our parents wrapped up as a Christmas present.   So... this is what they saw when they unwrapped their presents:

Yes, Eliana is getting a LITTLE SISTER!!!!

We are so excited to welcome Coraline Ruth into our family. Ruth is Isaac's mom's middle name. We wanted to continue the tradition of giving family names as middle names (Eliana's middle name is Rae, after my mom's middle name).

Coming May, Lord willing, we will be a family of four- with two sweet little Daddy's girls!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Visit with 'Lanta' and Mrs. Claus

We're not big Santa people, as most of you know. We don't really do gifts from Santa, and we really try not to incorporate him into most of our Christmas celebrations.  We do, however, celebrate St. Nicholas Day; we want our kiddos to know the person behind what became known as Santa Claus.  We want them to know about Nicholas and Valentine and Patrick and other heroes of our faith.

But that doesn't mean we still don't have fun with the Santa magic. We can still enjoy the child-like wonder of Santa without placing too much emphasis on him and taking away from the birth of Jesus. So each year, we've taken Eliana to a local shopping area where they have a totally legit Santa Claus. You get to ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Santa (and more recently with Mrs. Claus); best of all- it's free and you don't have to buy outrageously priced picture packages.  In fact, they have a little elf there who takes photos for you with your own camera or phone. The only bummer is that you have to wait outside, and we generally pick the coldest day possible to wait in line... but the line goes quickly,  as your ride with Santa and Mrs. Claus is pretty short.  This year, there were even some Dickens-era carolers to entertain us for a bit:

And Eliana also convinced Daddy to purchase some hot cocoa to enjoy while waiting in line...

Eliana has not enjoyed visiting Santa the previous times we have taken her. But this year... oh my goodness. After we got into the carriage and took a picture, Eliana kept talking to Santa about his glasses. She didn't want to sit on his lap or anything, but she was quite happy to chat with him about those glasses of his for the entire carriage ride. When we had to get down, she had a meltdown and started crying, "Lanta! Lanta! Hold you, Lanta!" and kept trying to walk back to where the horse-drawn carriage was.  I'm not going to lie; Isaac and I were laughing so hard because it was such a different reaction from years past.


After her traumatic separation from 'Lanta', we went out to lunch at Chipotle, which seemed to cheer her spirits again.  She does, however, ask to 'See Lanta' on a fairly regular basis now...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eliana's (Big) Announcement

In case you missed the announcements on various other social media and didn't read all of the post about Eliana's two year pictures...

That's right, we are 'due with number two' as the people have been saying!  We are expecting a little brother or sister May 9, 2015. Of course, Eliana still doesn't have a clue what is going on, but we are hoping she will be just as excited about the new addition to our family as we are!  Of course, prayers are always much appreciated at this time...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Eliana's Two Year Pics

Our favorite photographer friend Jay and Sarah of Eggplant Photography took some pictures of Eliana at two years old. We simply love Eggplant and all the wonderful photos they have captured for us!

Here are some of our favorites from the session we did at Cherokee Park (yes she had a few outfit changes):

And then, we brought out the special prop I made for just a few photos.  Jay and Sarah freaked out.  Seriously, I don't know how Jay kept shooting and I really wished I had filmed Sarah's reaction.  Priceless.

We are super excited for Eliana to become a big sister! We had our first appointment a few weeks ago at our midwife's office and everything looked good so far. We return for our next appointment at the beginning of November; we are due May 9th (and will hopefully find out shortly before Christmas if Eliana will be getting a little brother or little sister). And yes, this is part of the reason why I was so sick in September and couldn't make our vision trip. I was legitimately sick, but I couldn't take any of the good drugs to knock out the illness. Not even my trusty oils, salt water, and saline solution were solving the issue. At any rate, we appreciate prayers for this new life and for the adjustments to come!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Annual Pumpkin Patch Visit

I love October (channeling my inner Anne Shirley); the cooling weather, the beautiful leaves, the social acceptance to make all things pumpkin. And October means our annual visit to the pumpkin patch! This year, we went to Huber's Orchard and Winery (different than Huber's Farm... I guess the two brothers used to be one business but are now separate entities), and the pumpkins were flippin' ginormous. We didn't see the ones at the Farm... but holy smokes, it was really hard to find a smaller one for Eliana!

Aunt Jen came with us this year, and we went first thing in the morning because there was a medical clinic at church in the early afternoon.  It was cold. Dang cold. But we were the only ones in the patch that early, so we got to roam freely!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Know You...

So it's no secret that Eliana loves the Disney princesses.  She has several Disney princess books and various little toys, and of course the Little People Disney Princess castle that Grammie gave her for Christmas last year.  Eliana has been able to recognize the princesses by their songs for a while, and she has tried to sing some songs before, but the other day while we were getting her pajamas on, she was playing with her Aurora doll and started singing "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty. Isaac was able to film it tonight (listen for the key change she does...priceless):

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eliana Wins a Prize...

I wrote a post several months ago about Eliana completing the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge.  We just think it was a neat program and always try to participate in the different programs the library has available...and we were super excited to win a book at the end of the program.  I skimmed the information and rules before we started the 1000 books program and noticed that there would be random drawings for additional prizes, but I honestly didn't pay too much attention to that section...I didn't think Eliana would actually win anything.

But she did. 

Last weekend, I got a call from the library informing me that Eliana had won a prize in the drawing for completing the 1000 books program.  I called back to get more information, and the lovely librarian told me Eliana had won a $500 gift card to Barnes and Noble.


Seriously.  Our not-even-two daughter won $500 to Barnes and Noble?  Things like this don't happen to us, people.  We sometimes win little things (I won a necklace through a blog once), but we don't win.big.things. 

Anyway, they told me they were having this big party at Barnes and Noble and that Clifford the Big Red Dog would be there and they would love for her to come and pick up her gift card (I'm thinking, geez I hope I don't get mugged while carrying that sucker), and enjoy story time and meet Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Knowing our child's love of books (bibliophile to the max, people) and her almost equal love of life-size characters, I figured we better try to make it to this shindig.  Unfortunately, Isaac had to work all day, so I was flying solo with a very precocious child. We got there with plenty of time to spare; they gave us her gift card right away, and she saw all the books in the kids' section right away and ran with what I can only describe as sheer joy to one of the shelves and started opening various books and 'reading' them.

She also had a blast playing with the train set and running and jumping all over the little stage they have for story time.  We picked out a few books (sadly, no Cozy Classics or Les Petits Fairytales in stock), and since she was recently shown a love of 'shopping' around the house (I wonder where she gets that from), I let her pick up a basket:

After a ridiculous amount of time running back and forth through the kids' section and dodging the other families there, we settled in for storytime.  She honestly didn't want to sit still until I busted out the snacks.  Mama for the win.

And then...Clifford himself paid a visit.  We waited in line to get our chance to meet him, and I have to say I was super proud of how well Eliana did waiting in line.  Our Disney World training continues, folks.  When it was her turn, she ran right up to him and hugged him and kissed him and kept saying "clif-FORD, clif-FORD, clif-FORD, hi puppy!".

Apparently, the biography section in her eyeline was more interesting than smiling for the camera.  *sigh*

At any rate, we are super thankful and appreciative of both the LFPL and their 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program, as well as Barnes and Noble.  Eliana is looking forward to purchasing many books with her very generous gift card!  Honestly, we feel she really deserves it since she loves books so much!  We hope she continues to do so!!!